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Question Where can I find the question and answer in the Student Affairs ?
Answer Web link

Reserve Office Training Corps
Student Living Guidance Section
Service Learning Section
4.The Students Counseling Center
Extracurricular Activities Section
Health Center
Question Campus safe internationalization question and answer collected sayings
AnswerHave You are injured?
Do you Need to call an ambulance?
I am the school drillmaster (school safety personnel)

Question How to apply for housing?
AnswerDepending on which kind of room you would like to live, you can choose Normal Dormitory. Please look at the websites below:
Click here) http://ecis.nhu.edu.tw/staff/RoomingHouse/RoomingHouse/NewHtml/Newindex.html
QuestionHow will I know if I successfully signed up for room?
Answer You can find a group leader to confirm Counseling.
Question What do I need to know if I want to check out the housing?
Answer Steps:
1.Clean up your room and take away all your belongings.

2.Find your Dormitory administrator to fill in the Check-Out Approval Paper.

3.Dormitory administrator to check no problem, return of keys Tuisu complete the job.
Question I would like to ask for the certificate replacement for the rite of passage.
Answer First of all,you must make sure that you have passed this subject and to fill in a registration form,then to pay the fee at the office of general affairs,and you will get the certificate next day.
Question How can I get the latest information about service learning?
Answer You can search the internet for information on our website.
Question How many student clubs?
AnswerThere are 65 clubs now, and we suggest you could check clubs introdution from our website if you need to get more information.
EAD’s website adress is
Question What kinds of scholarship and honors are about in joining the clubs?
Answer The light of clubs of Nanhua University.
1. After you were junior at school, and got over 70 for your average grades, and the conduct performance were excellence.
2. When being the club/society leaders during the previous semester, hold the activities well and got excellent for Performing Clubs/Societies Achievement & Finale Showcases.
3. Check the detail information at http://life2.nhu.edu.tw/page2/news.php?class=201
Question What kind of class can the student choose?
Answer We have full training classes for every student who joined the clubs and societies, such as
1. Student leaders training camp which hold by the Student association club.

Circle of Friends Club/Society members training program which hold by the Student association club. 
QuestionWhat time do you see a doctor?




週一Monday 13:00-15:00

中醫科Chinese Medicine


週二Tuesday 14:00-16:00

家醫科Family  Medicine


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