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    Our Goals:(Brief history)

    In the year 1993, Venerable Master Hsing Yun originated the “Million-Members Fundraising” activity. Three years after, he succeeded to establish Nanhua Management College in the year 1996 with “wisdom, mean and median” as the school motto. In the year 1999, Nanhua Management College changed its name to Nanhua University, and continued its education career for 21 years until now. According to Section 4 Part 2 of the Nanhua University article of association, the Student Affairs Office set up the following units: Students Living Guidance Unit, Extracurricular Activities Unit, Medical and Health Care Center, Students Counseling Center, Unit of Volunteering Services, and Military Education Unit.

    Our aim is to enhance our serving efficiency by continuously improve our services’ quality and quantity. We also help to nurture students’ attitude in service learning, for their adaptation to society in the future.

    Our objectives:
              The Student Affairs Office’s objective is to enhance students’ vitality, innovation, vigor and to embody the plan of concept in learn and growth. We set up “do good deeds, speak good words and think good thoughts” as our life behavior guidelines, cultivating students’ morality of life cherishing and kindness through three karmas, to promote NHU as a “three goods” campus.

    The Dean of Student Affairs Office as the leader of several units in this office, providing students the best services in food, health care, accommodation, transportation, education and entertainment.  We work in several aspects including students’ dormitory, restaurants’ sanitation, celebrations and activities, volunteering services, scholarships and assistantships, employment counseling, medical and health care, and psychological counseling.













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