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Nameshin chieh, Guo
Office phone number1231
Job title約聘組員
Responsibilities1. Management of food and catering:
(1) Health inspection of cafeteria and kitchen.
(2) Organization of health workshops for cafeteria personnel.
(3) Management of food registration system.
(4) Supervision of catering services contracts and agreements.
(5) Convene food and catering committee meeting.
(6) Management and reporting of food poisoning.
2. Promotion of health initiatives: Tobacco prevention.
3. Promotion of health initiatives: Emergency medicine education.
4. Promotion of health initiatives: sex education and AIDS prevention events.
5. Supervision of infectious disease campaigns on campus.
6. Supervision and purchasing of insect repellants, and cleaning of staff residences (wooden lodges).
Common business
1.Management of mobile health station at major events.
2. Supervision of emergency care, consultation services, general care, and emergency disaster treatments.
3. Processing of leave requests, and parking permits.
4. Maintenance of web page. Renting of wheelchairs, crutches, and first aid kits.
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